The issue

Source: Singapore Office Building Energy Saving Potential; Cui Q; E2 Singapore, NEA, 2010

How we solve it


CONTINEWM® Nets is an innovative product developed, produced and patented in Japan. It is made of a special ceramic that naturally emits specific infrared rays.

These specific infrared rays are able to break down clusters of water molecules present in the air so that a larger surface area is in contact with the fins of the AC unit.

This allows the air condition unit to reach the desired temperature faster and reduces the load on the compressor so that it is able to work more efficiently, consuming less energy.


Save up to 25% of total electricity bill

through its patented natural material which improves the heat exchange process within the AC unit.

No additional operating or maintenance cost

No water or electricity supply required. No special maintenance program needed. During your regular cleaning of the filters of your air condition unit, simply wipe the CONTINEWM® Nets with a damp cloth.

Fits any type of AC unit

CONTINEWM® fits a wall mounted split unit system, 4-way cassette system, Fan Coil Unit (FCU) in ceiling, Air Handling Unit (AHU) etc. Even in cold chambers, freezers, data centers and server rooms.
Indeed, any type!

Purifies the air and eliminates odours

Specific Infrared Rays found in CONTINEWM® Nets are able to decompose the sources of odors like sweat, protein and lipids. It has a permanent electrode that continually emits a small current to provide antibiotic functions.

Easy to install

No modification required for the AC unit or for electricity to be switched off during installation. Simply install CONTINEWM® Nets above the filter at the air return of the AC unit and it is ready for use.

Lifetime warranty

The active mineral in the CONTINEWM® Net comes with a lifetime warranty.

Who it is for

CONTINEWM® Nets are perfect for:

• hotels
• offices
• stores
• malls
• data centers
• cold rooms

CONTINEWM® Nets are perfect for:

• hotels
• offices
• stores
• malls
• data centers
• cold rooms

How it works

CONTINEWM® Nets is a combination of air treatment technologies:
an all-in-one solution.


CONTINEWM® Nets contain rare earth materials that permanently emit specific infrared rays and neutralize electro static charges into the AC structure for a perfectly smooth air flow.

• The specific infrared rays emitted from CONTINEWM® Nets are able to break down clusters of moisture into individual water molecules.
• There is greater contact area between the water in the air and the fins of the heat exchanger in the AC unit, as well as a more homogeneous distribution of water in the air volume.
• This improves the heat exchange ratio, and the set temperature is reached faster and maintained more evenly.
• The compressor functions more efficiently as there is less load on it, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption.
• In addition to conserving energy, the specific infrared rays emitted by CONTINEWM® Nets Technology is able to purify the air and remove bad odors.

Product Specifications

Material: Specific natural ceramic embedded in dilute low density recycled polyethylene. Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic.

Size: 49 cm x 49 cm x 0.26 cm

Weight: 200g

Color: Brown

Developed: Japan – SINCE 2010

Produced: Japan

Patented: Japan

Ductless Systems:
• Wall-mounted Units
• Ceiling mounted units
• 4-way cassettes etc

Ducted Systems:
• Fan Coil Units
• Air Handling Units
• Central and Individual Systems

CONTINEWM® Nets can be installed in any AC technology: Split system (Air-cooled and water-cooled condensing unit); VRV (And all variable compressors systems); Heat pumps; (Heating and cooling); Chiller systems etc.


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