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Nets is a combination of air treatment technologies: an all-in-one solution

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Product Characteristics:

CONTINEWM® Nets contain rare earth materials that permanently emit specific infrared rays and neutralize electro static charges into the AC structure for a perfectly smooth air flow.


  • The specific infrared rays emitted from CONTINEWM® Nets are able to break down clusters of moisture into individual water molecules.
  • There is greater contact area between the water in the air and the fins of the heat exchanger in the AC unit, as well as a more homogeneous distribution of water in the air volume.
  • This improves the heat exchange ratio, and the set temperature is reached faster and maintained more evenly.
  • The compressor functions more efficiently as there is less load on it, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption.
  • In addition to conserving energy, the specific infrared rays emitted by CONTINEWM® Nets Technology is able to purify the air and remove bad odors.

CONTINEWM® NETS also eliminates the electro static turbulence inside the Air Conditioning for a perfectly smooth air flow and a fully optimized heat exchange. 

The second reason which allows CONTINEWM® technology to save energy in any air conditioning system is by eliminating the electrostatic disturbance produced by the airflow on the fins of the heat exchanger. This turbulence occurs normally inany air conditioner and air treatment system.

The interior of the air conditioner, and its plastic panel (insulator), are constantly generating positive static electricity due to friction with the airflow produced by the fan rotation. In this condition, the air conditioner and the air itself, become electrostatically charged with the same positive polarity.

This phenomena generates a repulsive force between the airflow and the fins of the heat exchanger (shown in red in the scheme below) because both are charged with the same positive polarity. In this situation, there is a reduction in the contact area between the air and the fins of the heat exchanger of the air conditioner. The consequence of this electrostatic air turbulence is a loss in efficiency and a consequent waste of electrical energy by the air conditioner.

CONTINEWM® Nets, which is constantly negatively charged, neutralizes the positive charges in the airflow due to the electrostatic friction, consequently neutralizing the repulsive force between the two means (fins of the heat exchanger and air).

By optimizing the contact area between the air and the fins of the heat exchanger, the result is an increased efficiency of the air conditioner; the stop-cycles of the compressor will be longer in time and more regular, with a consequent energy saving effect.



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