Bamboo Toothbrush


Material : Produced from bamboo
Core Values : Nylon brush, Thin and soft, Free from harmful chemicals


Why Cheww?

CHEWW.CO is Thailand’s first plastic-free toothpaste tablet brand developed wholeheartedly for the global movement of sustainable development. We only have one, simple goal – to offer alternative personal-care choices to tackle the climate crisis.


Bamboo toothbrush From our partners - Nuan Eco-Friendly Product

  • Produced from bamboo that is grown in a renewable forest No deforestation.
  • The small brush head can clean all parts of the mouth.
  • Nylon brush, thin and soft Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Shipped in 1 color printed kraft paper box.


  • Tips for managing post-expiration:
  • Use pliers to pull out the nylon bristles. And discard in the recycle bin.
  • Natural biodegradable bamboo brush Can be buried in the soil.



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