The best energy saving solution for buildings in APAC.

Reduce your electricity bill with easy to implement technology for commercial real estate, warehouses, schools and hospitality businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and beyond.

helping companies save ON energy costs across singapore
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How to save on electricity bills?
How to make existing buildings greener?
Do no-maintenance solutions exist?

Energy savings
in every single room

We work  to make air conditioning (AC) units safer while reducing the cost of electricity in every single room.

Reducing energy costs
for an entire property

We provide easy to implement solutions. No maintenance. No software.

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A greener blue planet

We believe our living places should, can and need to benefit from sustainability.

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Our Cost-Saving solution for
Air Conditioning (AC)

Reduce energy consumption while evening-out the temperature across the room with this patented natural material which improves the heat exchange process within any air conditioning (AC) unit.

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CONTINEWM®, a renowned sustainable solution in Singapore

In 2021, CapitaLand identified CONTINEWM® as an “interesting sustainability solution” to be piloted at its properties.

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Save money & ENERGY with more efficient AC units

Join the hundreds of pioneer businesses using CONTINEWM® in Singapore to save on their Air Conditioning consumption.

47% saved
43% saved
32% saved
51% saved
27% saved
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Sustainability is too often used as a buzzword. For us, it is the most forward-looking way to participate in durable, profitable business practices. It’s not only good for the planet, it benefits companies by increasing customer loyalty and retaining happier employees.

By providing proven and easy solutions, both private and public organisations can adopt sustainable alternatives.

Brice, Bizsu Founder