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We are committed to helping organisations in Asia embrace sustainable practices in a profitable fashion. Besides providing easy-to-implement industrial solutions, we organise workshops for employees to engage with climate change with a solutions-driven approach.

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The Climate Fresk Workshop

The Climate Fresh is an IPCC based, collaborative workshop to take a step back and understand the causes and consequences of climate change.

The Climate Solution Workshop

This workshop is developed to empower your team to address the changes in a disrupted world through a Systems overview and a deliberate Operational Strategy.

the problem

We all struggle to implement sustainable practices.

Today, sustainability is part of our everyday conversations. It has become a buzzword. Yet, even though it is an imperative for our well being  and our ability to thrive within our planetary boundaries, we find it hard to find the right solutions.

question mark

Symptom 1

Often, we don't know where to start.

Energy consumption, single usage plastics, water waste - there are so many things that need to be done that it is easy to just get lost on where to make the start.

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Symptom 2

You feel that you cannot do it on your own.

We often feel like we’re just a drop in the ocean and the problem bigger and a bit overwhelming.

Our solution

The most effective workshop for employees

People bent a table smiling and working on The Climate Fresk cards in a room full of plants

Science-based, the activity provides participants with the fundamental knowledge to understand the global climate system, the impact of climate change and how to act to mitigate the climate crisis.

Formerly known as the Climate Collage, 150,000+ citizens have taken part of a Climate Fresk worldwide since 2018, including 500+ in Singapore.

The Climate Fresk Workshop is a playful and educational experience

Climate Fresk cards

The 2021 IPCC report is 3,949 pages. Too busy to read it? “Respect for science” is one of the founding principles of the The Climate Fresk Workshop — the information featured in the 42 cards is based on data from the Working Group 1 IPCC report. This card game makes climate education fun and memorable.

Pushing the world into the green transition



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Only when everyone understands the current climate emergency will we be able to act at the scale necessary. For the last two years, the Climate Fresk has been creating an exponential wave of realisations and commitment.

The Climate Fresk is an innovative, participatory and accessible approach to understand the scientific basis of climate change. This exchange of knowledge is a key first step for everyone to choose how to act effectively, in line with the issues at stake.

Valérie Masson-Delmotte, Co Chair Working Group, IPCC

Valérie Masson-Delmotte

In 3 hours, we all get ready to tackle sustainability challenges.

Our workshop is playful, fun and educational. We only need the Climate Fresh deck of cards, pens, paper, a table, and we are all set! It will lead to a productive discussion and greater in-depth understanding of the mechanisms and solutions that exist to tackle the most pressing problem of the 21st century.

People placing cards on a table

Reasoning (1h30)

Discovering and linking the 42 cards and creating the collage/fresk.
Lady reading a card on a table

Creativity (30min)

Relaxing, taking ownership of the collage by decorating it.
People discussing around a table

Discussion (1h)

A discussion to brainstorm over the individual and collective solutions.

Meet your friendly Climate Fresk workshop instructor

Rajul side portrait with illustration

Rajul is passionate about empowering people to take climate action and helping individuals and organisations to act in ways that sustain and protect our natural systems and life on the planet. She is driven by the need to understand the barriers to climate action, addressing them and motivating people to taking action and embracing a sustainability mindset.

Empower your employees
and participate in corporate ESG

Our workshops are built to bring cohesion within a team and provide hands on experience on sustainable practices and tools for both inside and outside the company.


The workshop fosters team spirit and collective intelligence.


The Climate Fresk workshop is all about problem-solving on climate issues.


The content is based on the IPCC
reports - the most reliable source of
climate related data.

workshop Climate Fresk in session with people around a table looking at cards

Ready for a team workshop?

Two collaborative workshops to take a step back, understand the causes and consequences of climate change and engage with lasting solutions.

A workshop designed to engage with climate change solutions.

A workshop designed to empower and bring in transformative change.

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