December 29, 2022

Five Innovations that Companies in Asia can Adopt to Cut Down Electricity Use

The threats facing the planet are complex and getting more severe every day. Think of the biggest challenge, global warming, which is threatening the existence of our planet and everything on it. Indeed, it appears that things are getting worse following the collapse of major initiatives, such as the Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty which extended the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that commits state parties to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, based on the scientific consensus that global warming is occurring and that human-made CO₂ emissions are driving it. However, there is one last strategy and that is operating sustainably, especially in reducing our carbon footprints. The biggest way to achieve this is by cutting down energy use in your facility. Keep reading to learn about the top five innovations that are helping companies to cut down their electricity and energy use in their operations. You should also consider adopting them for faster growth.

energy saving

Why You Should Reduce Electricity Use in Your Company

Electricity is used to run everything in a company, from lighting to conveyor belts. This also means that it takes the bulk of the utility bills for the companies. Some companies use almost 40% of their operating costs on electricity. Therefore, any effort to cut down energy will come in handy in raising the profitability of the company. Here are other benefits that you should anticipate for slashing your company's electricity bills. 

  • Lower electricity bills come in handy in reducing the carbon footprint of a company or organization. 
  • With lower electricity bills, you are able to improve the sustainability rating of the company. 
  • Reducing electricity use in a company implies lower demand for energy production. This is crucial, especially if electricity is sourced from petroleum-fired facilities. 
  • Companies working on reducing energy use innovations, which help to improve their innovations. 
  • The strategies used to help cut down electricity use are often paired with other sustainability targets. This is critical in addressing most of the challenges facing the planet, such as global warming, waste management, and air quality

The Best Innovations to Help You Cut Down Electricity Fast 

The benefits of cutting down energy use that we have listed above are only a scratch on the surface. You will get way more than that, but first, you have to identify the best strategies to keep the bills low. To get you started, here are some expert strategies that you should consider: 

Smart Energy Management Systems

One of the main reasons why companies waste a lot of energy, resulting in high utility bills, is leaving lamps and HVAC systems on when no one is in the office. Imagine your office, which probably has 5-10 lighting fixtures, is left on for the entire weekend because the employees left in a hurry. The problem is particularly common in the hotel industry, where guests leave the lighting as they focus on optimizing fun. The best way out is using a smart energy management system. 

Smart technologies use sensors, which detect when a room is empty and immediately switch off the lamps and HVAC system. This means that you will never have to worry about large power bills because guests or staff did not turn the lamps off. 

The smart system can also sense when only one section or room is occupied and keep the rest of the office lamps off. This sort of arrangement works well when, perhaps, one of the officers wants to work while others are away. If the accountant, HR, or other officer wants to clear the backlog of work on his desk by working till late in the night, the smart system will keep the rest of the company's rooms switched off. 

When it comes to areas that require to be lit all the time for security reasons, such as corridors and restrooms, the smart system dims the lamps when no one is around. This can help to cut down the energy bills with a significant margin for your company. 

Photovoltaic Solar Panels for Sustainable Energy

Does your company operate in areas with adequate sunlight most times of the year? If your answer is “yes,” you have an opportunity to convert that radiation to energy using photovoltaic solar panels and use it in the company’s operations. 

Photovoltaic solar cells generate electricity through the direct absorption of sunlight and convert it to electrical current. Although they can be expensive, installing solar panels in your company's roofing system can help you completely eliminate electricity bills. It is an excellent way to keep the cost of operations low. 

If you are short of resources to install many solar panels to power the entire company, starting with a few will also be an impressive achievement. Indeed, most companies start by installing solar panels to power only the lighting systems. Then, they add more with time until the entire facility is powered by solar. 

LED Lighting 

Incandescent lamps were invented in the 1880s and became a common fixture for both homes and businesses. Even though they marked a major milestone in the history of electricity and work with both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC), concerns have been raised about them because of their high inefficiency. The main cause of poor efficiency is that the lamps have to heat the filament until it glows to generate light. The effect is a huge loss of energy and rise in utility bills

The best alternative is using LED lamps. Unlike traditional lamps, LED fixtures are designed to emit light using diodes. As a result, they use about 70% less energy compared to incandescent lamps. Other benefits of using LED lamps in your company include: 

  • They last about 40 times more compared to traditional lamps. 
  • The light quality from LED lamps is better than that of incandescent lamps.
  • They do not require making any changes on the lighting system. This means that installation is easy, fast, and efficient. 

Energy Efficient Insulation 

If your office or company rooms are not insulated, there is a risk of losing a lot of energy. Thermal insulation prevents energy loss or gain, helping to decrease the energy demand and carbon footprint. As you focus on improving energy efficiency, make sure to target all areas, including roofing, wall, doors, windows, and floors. Here are some useful energy efficiency methods that you should consider: 

  1. The rainscreen cladding system: This system uses ventilated facades and external insulation, which makes it an excellent pick for both thermal and acoustic insulation. 
  2. Sprayed foam and foamed-in-place: If your rooms have gaps, perhaps because of irregular finishing or round obstruction, this insulation would be more effective. It is applied using spray containers, which makes it possible to completely seal even small cracks for greater efficiency. 

CONTINEWM Installed in Your HVAC 

In most companies, HVAC systems take about 40% of their energy bills. One of the reasons for this high energy consumption is resistance to air flow, which forces the HVAC system to work harder to cool or heat the rooms. Let’s take a closer look at this scenario and how CONTINEWM can help to cut the bill.

When a HVAC system is operating, the rotating parts generate positive electrostatic charges. These charges cause resistance to smooth flow of air. To address this problem and increase energy efficiency, you must get a way of clearing the positive charges, and this is where CONTINEWM comes into play. 

CONTINEWM is an innovative device that is fitted on the front part of the heat exchanger. It works by releasing negative charges that help to clear the positive electrostatic charges. The effect is a smooth flow of air through the HVAC system. CONTINEWM can help to cut down energy use by the HVAC system by up to 50%. Notably, this is not the only benefit that you will get from using CONTINEWM. 

  • Installing CONTINEWM is easy and fast. You only need to fix it on the front part of the heat exchanger
  • CONTINEWM does not just help to increase efficiency, but also comes in handy in improving indoor air quality. 
  • Once installed, CONTINEWM requires little to no maintenance. Therefore, you will not need to use a lot of money on its operations, yet it keeps running optimally. 

One more thing: In addition to using the above strategies, it is prudent to also adopt training for sustainability in your company with Climate Fresk. This will equip your leaders, managers, and staff with the right skills to not only help in improving efficiency, but also raise ESG ratings. Climate Fresk also comes in handy in helping your company follow the right ESG reporting strategies.

As you can see, there are many technologies that you can use to cut down electricity and energy bills for your company. The strategies we have listed in this post are not only easy to implement, but can be integrated in phases to get the targeted results. Remember to review the effectiveness of the innovations used to ensure they are delivering the anticipated results.