December 2, 2022

What is the Importance of Sustainability Education Within an Organization?

Sustainability has emerged as a major necessity in the corporate world as climate change, and other disasters, continue affecting the planet. With more stakeholders, from governments to investors, insisting on only working with responsible and ethical enterprises, sustainability is not a thing you can wish away. For example, capital markets, such as HKEX, are demanding regular ESG reports for all listed firms. Even with the growing demand, we must say that integrating sustainability is never easy. Recently, investors have raised concerns about the dangers of greenwashing by most companies. So, how do you get it right with your sustainability journey? The secret is ESG training. Keep reading as we dig deeper into the concept of ESG workshops in organizations. We will also highlight the main areas of focus for such training to improve your ESG score.

sustainability training

What is ESG?

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), is a term used to denote an organization’s focus on sustainability. The term represents the key areas of sustainability, which are used to gauge a company’s impacts on the planet. The concept of sustainability can be traced back to 1992 during the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), which emphasized that it is impossible to look at the environment in isolation from society and corporate developments. 

In the later meetings, the concept was polished to make it easier for more people to understand. For example, more businesses are now appreciating that their impacts are, in one way or another, affecting other parties on the planet. Even an institution like a bank, which does not have a direct impact on, say, forests, plays a role in promoting global warming because it uses electricity and paper and also releases some waste. Therefore, no organization should be left behind. 

For your sustainability efforts to bear results, they must be part of the business’s core agenda. This is never easy because most businesses are working on austerity measures, especially now that we are molting from the challenges of COVID-19. However, you will be surprised to learn that ESG does not have to be expensive, complex, or negative in any way. To know and apply the right strategies, you should adopt ESG training from top organizations, such as Climate Fresk. 

Indeed, you can use ESG compliance and high sustainability rating as stepping stones to race to the next level of your company's growth. In the next section, we highlight the main benefits that you should anticipate from ESG training. 

Importance of Sustainability Workshops

As we have demonstrated, the idea of sustainability is relatively new. Indeed, most regulations are about two years old, and companies are still working on how to achieve the targeted results. This is one of the reasons why you should bring on board experts to help with sustainability. Check out the following benefits that come from working with international organizations for ESG training. 

  • Gives You a Better Understanding of ESG 

How well do you know sustainability? It might sound pretty simple, but implementation into a company’s system is pretty complex. However, Climate Fresk experts can help you to get deeper into ESG and craft mechanisms for its implementation. The experts help you to look at your organization differently to identify areas where you might have a bigger impact on sustainability. 

Take the example of a small or medium-sized company that is led by a manager believing ESG is for large multinationals. First, this line of argument is a misconception because the combined effect of small companies can have a huge impact. To help the company operate sustainably, experts offering ESG training will help the management to note areas of change that can create major impacts. The company can opt to go paperless and reduce energy use through the installation of energy-saving lamps.

By supporting your company to understand sustainability, it becomes an important part of the organization. All the departments will appreciate the benefits and start suggesting new and cost-effective ways of operating more responsibly and ethically. 

  • Allows you to See New Ways of Optimizing Sustainability 

When companies are called to install measures to cut down emissions, the primary focus is addressing the problem of global warming. However, actions for sustainability can also be optimized to reap more, but these tips are only learned through sustainability workshops. Let’s highlight some of them. 

When you hold a workshop with Climate Fresk, the experts will demonstrate how to ingrain sustainability using the best practices. In addition, they will tell you to ensure you get a better ESG rating. This will come in handy in winning more supporters and investors in the capital market. The rating can also be added to your products. 

In 2022, customers willing to pay more for sustainable products increased by 8% compared to 2021. As you can see, your ESG products or services have a better chance of winning the support of customers, helping to outdo competitors. 

  • Improving the Company Culture 

The idea of sustainability can be pretty broad. ESG training targets to help companies build cultures of responsible and ethical operations. As experts decipher the concept of sustainability, your organization’s leadership will get a new way of making staff deliver more. The enriched culture will open new channels that could otherwise have remained closed. 

During ESG training, Climate Fresk insists that your staff can deliver way more than the current output by getting appreciated. Making them feel part of the organization allows them to own the process and results. Therefore, they will not want to compromise what belongs to them. The culture of progressive improvements, fast response to issues, justice, and equity will make them want to feel part. This culture might be all that you need to increase productivity, develop new products, and become more profitable. 

  • Strengthens Collaboration

The journey for sustainability can feel really lonely. If you try to go it alone, there is a danger of getting fatigued along the way. However, moving along with international partners can help to keep you energized and enjoy all the associated benefits. ESG training in your organization by Climate Fresk can help you to understand the best practices and apply them in decision-making. 

Climate Fresk follows the latest research findings on different areas of ESG management. Therefore, you do not have to stick with processes or actions that are less effective. They will also help you to identify and use the practices to help make your company stand out at the international level. For example, Climate Fresk can help you follow international practices, which can enable your products to sell even abroad as opposed to simply sticking to the local market. 

  • Crucial in Your ESG Reporting

One of the most important aspects of sustainability in organizations is ESG reporting. However, the process is lengthy and complex. Where do I start? How do I progress? Well, you can learn about the entire process through an ESG workshop or training by Climate Fresk. 

The experts will not only help you to understand the process but a lot more to ensure you complete the process correctly. For example, you will be assisted in identifying the best ESG software and frameworks to use. Let’s highlight the recommended process of ESG reporting

  1. A comprehensive review of a company’s ESG risks and opportunities. 
  2. Hold stakeholder engagement to determine their preferences. 
  3. Do a comprehensive materiality assessment to determine the reporting topics. 
  4. Define clear ESG goals and plan for your company. Climate Fresk can help you to draw the right key performance indicators (KPIs) and stick to the plan to the end. 
  5. Capture data about The ESG impacts on your company. Make sure that the information is verifiable and accurate to avoid getting labeled greenwashed. 
  6. Preparation of ESG reports and publishing so that stakeholders can read them. In an ESG reporting workshop, the experts will help you understand how to use the reports to set the agenda for the next year/ report. For example, suppose you targeted to cut down carbon footprint by 30% and managed to achieve a 20% reduction. In that case, the next phase might target a 30% reduction, as the company focuses on achieving zero carbon emissions in the long term. 

If you have started the reporting process, international ESG organizations can also help you to review the progress and make improvements. During training, you can engage them to learn about the models being used by other companies. The experts will also help you to identify specific areas of action based on your niche. 

This post has demonstrated that the process of sustainability integration and reporting can be tough, but with the right ESG workshop and expert support, you can get it right. One of the best international organizations is Climate Fresk, which is dedicated to walking with you to achieve sustainability goals. They can help you to get started with the sustainability journey or clear obstacles along the way. Remember that it does not matter the size of your company. 

Reach out to Climate Fresk because there is something that you can do to not only make the planet a better place for all but also make your brand stand out and move to the next level.