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What is Green Building Concept in Malaysia?

The demand for green buildings in Malaysia is growing fast. Developers are, indeed, working extra hard to try and cater to this fast-rising demand as more buyers insist they want to live eco-friendly lifestyles. Remember that this demand is not just from individual home buyers but also from corporates looking forward to keeping their operating costs as low and building positive brands on the market. So, what exactly is a green building? What benefits do green buildings have for Malaysians in Kuala Lumpur and other cities? Keep reading for all the answers that you need to know about the concept and its application in Malaysia.


Why is Sustainability Important to the Hospitality Industry in Taiwan?

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors on the planet, according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO). Between 1950 and 2019, the number of tourists shot up by 5,500% to hit 1.4 billion. However, the modern traveler is different from that of the past by demanding to have a positive imprint with his/her efforts. Taiwan is one of the leading tourist attractions in Asia, but what is its sustainability record? Keep reading to learn more about sustainability in Taiwan's hospitality industry, including the best practices that you can use for higher environmental, social and governance (ESG) rating.


What Can Be Done to Make Malaysia More Sustainable?

In 2015, Malaysia was among 192 countries at the UN General Assembly in New York where they ratified and adopted the Sustainable Development Goals and 169 specific targets. SDGs are universal sets of targets and goals that are expected to guide UN member states in framing their developmental and political agendas for a period of 15 years. So, how has Malaysia promoted sustainable development? In this post, we take a closer look at Malaysia to demonstrate its ESG ratings and progress toward sustainable development goals. We will also highlight what more needs to be done to make the country more sustainable.


What is Driving Taiwan's Commercial Real Estate?

Are you planning to invest in real estate in Asia? Whether targeting commercial, residential, or industrial real estate, Taiwan is one of the highly attractive markets. Indeed, the local property market is booming as large companies seek to set up their operations on the island, owing to the territory's enviable stability, which was evidenced even during the COVID-19 pandemic era. This post takes a closer look to answer the big question, “how big is commercial real estate in Taiwan?” We will also explore some of the best strategies that are used to make the properties more sustainable and attractive.


What is Taiwan's Energy Consumption?

Taiwan, one of the most highly developed economies on the globe, is at a crossroads! It is faced with an energy dilemma, which is threatening it with a danger of rapid slowdown amidst emerging global dynamics. Its huge energy consumption and strong reliance on fossil fuel imports have exposed its vulnerabilities, especially to the global geopolitics being experienced in recent years. So, is there a solution to the ‘energy crisis in Taiwan?’ Keep reading for insights into Taiwan’s energy consumption metrics, challenges facing the island nation, and energy saving solutions.


Why is Sustainable Energy Vital for Malaysia and What are the Main Challenges?

Malaysia, one of the economic hubs of Southeast Asia, has reported huge economic growth over the last few decades. However, this growth is largely driven by oil and gas, which make the country not just dependent on fossil fuels but also addicted to them. Now, the realities of modern energy dynamics and shifting demands by different stakeholders have left Malaysia with no option but to shift to sustainable energy. However, this is proving to be a major challenge. Is there a way out? Keep reading to learn more about Malaysia's ambitious sustainability energy drive and the challenges ahead. We will also highlight some expert solutions that Malaysia should adopt along the way.

taiwan flood

What are the Main Environmental Issues Facing Taiwan?

Taiwan, the 8th largest economy in Asia based on purchasing power parity (PPP), is a jurisdiction on the move and yearning for faster growth. Its GDP per capita has risen rapidly from 3,446.2 in 1980 to 62,696.1 in 2022. Even COVID-19 which started in 2020, could not impact its positive per capita growth significantly; it remained on an uptrend as others faltered. However, the jurisdiction is faced with serious environmental issues that are threatening to tear it apart unless urgent actions are taken. As the world quickly embraces sustainability, Taiwan is reeling from serious challenges that could rapidly undo its years of steady growth. Unlike in the past, more stakeholders want to be associated with companies committed to responsible and ethical operations, with cutting down carbon footprint coming at the top of the list. Let’s dig in and take a closer look at these challenges facing Taiwan.


How Sustainable is Taiwan?

The demand for sustainability is gaining momentum in all sectors, building up faster than at any other time in the past, as more people discover the associated benefits. However, there is still a long way to go as the threats of global warming and other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks intensify. To improve ESG rating and make the planet a better place for all, every country has to take extra measures. This post takes a closer look at Taiwan to determine its sustainability. Keep reading to learn more about Taiwan’s sustainability efforts, including its carbon footprint. We will also outline the main steps that should be used to improve sustainability in Taiwan.

sustainability training

What is the Importance of Sustainability Education Within an Organization?

Sustainability has emerged as a major necessity in the corporate world as climate change, and other disasters, continue affecting the planet. With more stakeholders, from governments to investors, insisting on only working with responsible and ethical enterprises, sustainability is not a thing you can wish away. For example, capital markets, such as HKEX, are demanding regular ESG reports for all listed firms. Even with the growing demand, we must say that integrating sustainability is never easy. Recently, investors have raised concerns about the dangers of greenwashing by most companies. So, how do you get it right with your sustainability journey? The secret is ESG training. Keep reading as we dig deeper into the concept of ESG workshops in organizations. We will also highlight the main areas of focus for such training to improve your ESG score.


What is the Highest Carbon Intensive Activity in Singapore?

Singapore ranks #13 in a global survey of 2022 Best Countries for Green Living. But like other countries across the globe, it is also facing the threat of global warming, one of the greatest risks of our times. Global warming is the rapid rise in surface temperatures, which is associated with all sorts of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dangers. Ice caps are thawing fast, coastal cities are sinking, and droughts are becoming more severe, to mention a few. To address this problem, we have to counter the sources of greenhouse gases, and this starts with evaluating and cutting down carbon footprints. In Singapore, "what is the highest carbon intensive activity?" Keep reading as we dig deeper into the problem of global warming to identify not only the largest greenhouse gas emitters but also highlight solutions that should be adopted to counter the threat.

green building

What are the Characteristics of an Environmentally Friendly Real Estate Development?

Climate change affects all aspects of life, from the diet to the capability to survive the natural disasters that come our way from time to time. However, the real estate industry has been pretty slow in addressing the concerns of sustainability, including climate change. This trend is now changing as more stakeholders, including investors, local authorities, the international community, and neighbors demand responsible operations. If you are a real estate developer, owner, or manager, people have discovered that their actions can help to save the planet. The capital markets are also demanding actions and delisting firms that do not provide accurate and verifiable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reports. This is why you should target making your property more environmentally friendly. Keep reading to learn more about environmentally friendly real estate, including benefits and the main characteristics.


What is the Future of the Commercial Real Estate Industry?

The last two years have hard-pressed most industries, and real estate is no exception! When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the planet in 2020, businesses were forced to close down, people had to work from home, and the real estate industry nearly came to a screeching halt. Now that we are overcoming the pandemic, every sector is quickly getting on its feet. So, if you are new to the property market or a veteran who wants to consider options, you must ask the big question, "What is the future of the real estate industry?" This post takes a closer look at the industry to identify the common problems facing it and the emerging trends shaping its future. Keep reading to learn more and orient your company in the right direction for success.

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