FCU air conditioning unit

Step-by-step on how to install your CONTINEWM nets in FCU

Follow the instructions


Take out the filter racks.

Remember how the filter rack is positioned.


Cut the CONTINEWM net to match the size of the filter.

If filter size is larger than a standard size 50cm x 50cm CONTINEWM net, make up the uncovered space by cutting another piece of CONTINEWM net and joint them with cable ties.

  1. Measure the size of the filter
  2. Cut your Continewn nets according to the size of the filter

Place Continewm inside securely.

Place the tailored-to-size CONTINEWM net on the side without filter, secure it with cable ties, ensure that it is flat and hold firmly.


Put the filter rack back.

Make sure the filter rack is in the same initial position.

  1. Place the maintenance sticker inside
  2. Place the filter rack back to its initial position


Start saving on your air conditioning bills with CONTINEWM nets

Brown bent continewm net

Frequently asked questions

How long will it last?

CONTINEWM® has a lifetime warranty, therefore, it can be used for many years to come =)

Are there any health benefits related to using CONTINEWM®?

CONTINEWM® purifies the air and eliminates odours. Unique Infrared Rays found in CONTINEWM® Nets are able to decompose sources of odours like sweat, protein and lipids. It has a permanent electrode that continually emits a small current to provide antibiotic functions.

How much will I save? What would be the ROI?

On average, you will be able to save 25% on your air-conditioning consumption. This can go up to 50%. That brings the ROI to typically between 1 to 2 years depending on the purchase options.

Will I need to replace it? Is there any maintenance?

We recommend dusting off the nets with a dry cloth when your AC servicing takes place. CONTINEWM® has a lifetime warranty, therefore, no need to replace it.

How does it actually work?

CONTINEWM® is made of a special ceramic that naturally emits specific infrared rays. These unique infrared rays are able to break down clusters of water molecules present in the air. This allows the AC unit to reach the desired temperature faster and reduces the load on the compressor so that it is able to work more efficiently, consuming less energy.

Can CONTINEWM® be installed in any AC units?

Yes. CONTINEWM® Nets can be installed on wall mounted units, ceiling cassettes, FCUs, AHUs and any other types.

What is the installation process?

No modifications are required for the AC unit or for electricity to be switched off during installation. Simply install CONTINEWM® Nets above the filter at the air return of the AC unit and it is ready for use.