No CAPEX needed - 20-yr warrantySave an average of 25% on your AC bill.
It’s that simple.

Our exclusive CONTINEWM® nets for Air Conditioning are made of natural ceramics that makes it a unique energy saving solution.

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Air conditioning unit

Air conditioning
impacts profits

Air conditioning in office buildings accounts for up to 52% of the electricity consumption.

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Air conditioning
impacts occupants

A drop or an increase of 1 degree celsius in a close space decreases the occupant satisfaction by 10%.

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AC units add up to
52% of electricity consumption

These inefficiencies have a real cost.

They put a strain on your business, your occupants and globally on the environment. What if you could save costs, be more energy efficient and re-allocate your budget to increase occupant satisfaction?

Our solution


These nets are a safe, sustainable and easy-to-implement solution that can fit any AC unit. It's the ultimate building efficiency product that takes only 2 minutes to install, lasts a lifetime and reduces air conditioning bills by 25% on average.

Natural Japanese ceramics

2-minute installation

Immediate air quality improvement

See how CONTINEWM works in more detail

air purification with continewm nets in air conditioning unit

Purifies the air and eliminates odours

Unique Infrared Rays found in CONTINEWM® Nets are able to decompose the sources of odours like sweat, protein and lipids. They have a permanent electrode that continually emits a small current to provide antibiotic functions.

Continewm nets breaking water clusters in the air into finer droplets to have more homegenous room temperature

Optimise the heat exchanger
for a smoother air flow

CONTINEWM® Nets contain rare earth materials that neutralise electrostatic charges in the AC structure. The working load of the heat exchangers is reduced and the air flows out smoothly.

continewm even the room temperature with air conditioning systemroom temperature with high gradient in normal room with air conditioning system

Distributing temperature evenly
for lower energy consumption

The infrared emission from the natural ceramic material helps break water droplets into finer clusters. This distributes the temperature more evenly across the room and reduces energy consumption.

Save an average of 25%
on your air conditioning bills

Join hundreds of hotels, schools, warehouses and offices in implementing this cost-saving, CO2 reduction technology in all your air conditioning units in Singapore and abroad. On average the savings are 25% on their air conditioning bill.

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Savings on AC bill

382 tons/yr

CO2 reduction

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Discover how CONTINEWM can help you save on your Air Con bill.

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Frequently asked questions

How long will it last?

CONTINEWM® has a lifetime warranty, therefore, it can be used for many years to come =)

Are there any health benefits related to using CONTINEWM®?

CONTINEWM® purifies the air and eliminates odours. Unique Infrared Rays found in CONTINEWM® Nets are able to decompose sources of odours like sweat, protein and lipids. It has a permanent electrode that continually emits a small current to provide antibiotic functions.

How much will I save? What would be the ROI?

On average, you will be able to save 25% on your air-conditioning consumption. This can go up to 50%. That brings the ROI to typically between 1 to 2 years depending on the purchase options.

Will I need to replace it? Is there any maintenance?

We recommend dusting off the nets with a dry cloth when your AC servicing takes place. CONTINEWM® has a lifetime warranty, therefore, no need to replace it.

How does it actually work?

CONTINEWM® is made of a special ceramic that naturally emits specific infrared rays. These unique infrared rays are able to break down clusters of water molecules present in the air. This allows the AC unit to reach the desired temperature faster and reduces the load on the compressor so that it is able to work more efficiently, consuming less energy.

Can CONTINEWM® be installed in any AC units?

Yes. CONTINEWM® Nets can be installed on wall mounted units, ceiling cassettes, FCUs, AHUs and any other types.

What is the installation process?

No modifications are required for the AC unit or for electricity to be switched off during installation. Simply install CONTINEWM® Nets above the filter at the air return of the AC unit and it is ready for use.